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Fauna and flora

A climate conducive to a very varied ecosystem 


The department of Saône et Loire has a varied relief. Because of this diversity of reliefs, but also and especially because of its geographical situation, this department is at the crossroads of a triple climatic influence. In the west, there is a relatively humid climate due to the disturbances coming from the Atlantic; in the east, a more continental climate, also humid, but with contrasting temperatures between winter and summer; while a Mediterranean climate, relatively hot and dry, rises from the Rhone valley along the Burgundy coast.


All these geological and climatic particularities are at the origin of a diversity of landscapes and environments, composed of a specific fauna and flora, thus conferring a rich biodiversity to the department.


Moreover, this department has a large number of diversified wetlands, located mainly in the Morvan and in the Bresse. Among them, many ponds present remarkable characteristics, in particular thanks to their vegetation belt which shelters rare and protected species. The lower valley of the Grosne is a wetland included in a Natura 2000 site.

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